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Paul Belton, Leadership Excellence

17 May 2024

We are thrilled to share that Mr Paul Belton (College Principal) has received 2024 ‘Leadership Excellence’ Award, presented by Catholic Education South Australia. Mr Belton's dedication to Catholic education spans an impressive 45 years, including 10 years of exceptional leadership as Principal of St Paul's College!

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From Josh Foulis, Acting Principal

09 May 2024

Celebrating Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice

Well underway for Term 2, we acknowledge the recent Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice that is celebrated globally each year on 5 May. At St Paul’s College, we paused usual learning schedules last Friday 3 May to celebrate the founder of the Christian Brothers who established St Paul’s College 65 years ago.

With thanks to many staff who organised the day of celebration, especially our Catholic Identity Team, students were able to focus on our exceptional school community and recall their place as part of a national and indeed international community.

Knowing that Blessed Edmund Rice was grounded in service, his Feast Day is a welcome opportunity for all of us to recall our purpose. Serving others is both selfless and life-giving, and we hope for countercultural young people and graduates who know their innate value and its worth to others. Amidst a world where selfishness and personal outcomes are measures of success, we use the historical account of Blessed Edmund Rice to challenge self-fulfillment by way of contributing to something greater than ourselves: community.

Reviewing Practice for Continuous Improvement

As previously communicated, St Paul’s College is currently undertaking a review of its Middle Years Program in Years 7-9, which currently hosts structures driven by integrating subjects and a focus on Project-Based-Learning. This approach to Middle Years has been an exceptional aspect of student-experience since its advent in 2019, when Year 7 moved from Primary Years to Secondary.

Like all components of our college, a commitment to continually improve requires review processes to ensure that practices are delivering the most meaningful experiences for students and the highest outcomes possible. St Paul’s constantly strives for our young people and given that the college has now delivered a cycle of students (our current year 12 cohort were the first group of Year 7 students to undertake the Middle Years Program in 2019), noting that the educational landscape is ever-changing, and recognising that students have changed in profile and grown in number since 2019, provide motivation to review our unique approach to middle years education.

In coming weeks, students and families and staff alike, will be asked to provide feedback as part of the Middle Years Review. This input is crucial and so families are urged to complete the 5 minute survey when it is provided. For our community’s knowledge and transparence, the review seeks to identify what is best for our students, as related to the following measures:

  • Student experience
  • Orientation to Secondary (high school)
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Student wellbeing outcomes
  • Readiness for success in Senior Years
  • ERICA (the college’s Learning Principles: Engaging, Relevant, Innovative, Creative, Authentic) and the college’s strategic directions
  • Developments in education (landscape) and external contexts (EREA, CESA, Government Bodies, Research)
  • Teacher administration (teacher efficacy, workload, capability, effectiveness, documentation)
  • Meeting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum

Please keep your eyes-peeled for the parent survey, with thanks in advance for contributing to this important component of the review process.

*Photo - Mr Foulis recognising Walter Chatindiara on 10 years of service

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Community Announcement

08 April 2024

With mixed feelings, EREA Colleges Ltd. informs our community that Mr Paul Belton will retire from his role as Principal at the end of 2024. Click to read the formal announcement:

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St Paul’s College Announces 36ers High Performance Basketball Program

06 April 2024

Mr Paul Belton, Principal is proud to announce St Paul's College is an official partner of the Adelaide 36ers and is an official High Performance Academy school.

“Basketball is an extremely popular sport at St Paul’s College.  Through access to the 36ers club’s resources and knowledge throughout the year, this partnership will deliver outstanding opportunities to our students to develop in the sport.” Mr Belton said

The College will benefit from exclusive access to coaches, training sessions, coach education, leadership engagements, match day experiences and clinics.

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From the Principal

05 April 2024

Dear Families and Friends of St Paul’s

Week 10 and our last newsletter for Term 1 2024. As time flies so quickly, we should constantly remind ourselves to make the most of every moment, take some time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of everything around us.

Easter time is certainly a wonderful reminder of all that. The joy and hope of the Easter season encourages us all to become more aware of the good in our lives and encourages us to be more positive than what the world around us shows.

Easter Liturgies

Last Thursday and this Tuesday we were blessed as a community to share in several wonderful school liturgies. As a catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, we know that this season is the most important and the most relevant in our liturgical calendar. The journey from the cross of Calvary on Good Friday, where Jesus gave us the greatest ever example of sacrifice and love through to the Resurrection story of hope on Easter Sunday enables us to reflect on what is important in our lives and to keep our lives very much “in perspective.”

The College Stations of the Cross liturgy on Holy Thursday was a beautiful and poignant reflection and the Resurrection liturgy in the gym on Tuesday another faith-filled experience for all our staff and students. In addition to these the two lovely Primary liturgies again highlight what a beautifully reflective and celebratory community we have here at St Paul’s.

Multi-Cultural and Multi-Faith Community

All families and friends of St Paul’s know and understand we are very much a multi-cultural and multi-faith community. In fact, it is our absolute strength. We often speak of the forty-seven different languages spoken in our family homes, but we do not often speak of the many and varied faith backgrounds our families have. The beauty of this is in the fact that every single major world religion such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism all have one major belief in common. This belief revolves around the way we treat each other and quite simply is “To treat others exactly the same way you wish to be treated.” Surely this is the core ingredient to a successful and loving community.

From a multi-faith point of view, our aim at St Paul’s is quite simple. We hope that every student that comes through our gates and joins our Catholic community grows in a deeper understanding and commitment to their own faith and grows in a deeper respect for our Catholic faith. The journey of a student at St Paul’s should allow each student and their family the opportunity to express who they are and participate in our community celebrations to the point where this spiritual growth occurs.

Term 2 Leadership

As has been communicated to all our families, I will be taking some Long Service Leave across Term 2 and part of term 3. During this time Mr Josh Foulis (our current Deputy Principal) will become Principal and we are fortunate and pleased to have Mr Frank Ranaldo (currently Deputy Principal at Rostrevor) join our community as Deputy Principal for Terms 2 and 3. We look forward to welcoming Frank and I know our community will offer both Josh and frank the continued support that we all experience.

On behalf of our staff can I offer everyone an incredibly happy and restful break, if you are having one and our most sincere thanks for the wonderful relationships we have across each dimension of the College.

Take care, God bless

Paul Belton

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From the Principal

21 March 2024

Dear Friends and families of St Paul’s,

Term One is marching on, and our community life remains as busy and energetic as always. Since our last newsletter, we have had a much-needed long weekend, students have sat for their NAPLAN tests across the College, we have celebrated Neuro Diversity Week, World Down Syndrome Day, the beginning of Ramadan for our Muslim students and today, Harmony Day.

This is all in addition, of course, to the in-class activities, excursions and co-curricular events that take place every week. It also does not take into consideration all the work that is going on “behind the scenes.”

EREA Principal’s National Charter Strategy Forum

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, I had the privilege of attending a national gathering of my fellow EREA Principals in the Barossa Valley. We gathered together with the senior leaders of the EREA governing bodies to review and discuss our Charter. The Charter is the document that contains the four EREA Touchstones (Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community, Liberating Education and Justice and Solidarity,) that together with our own St Paul’s four core values (Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity), form the very foundation of who we are as a Catholic College in the Edmund Rice tradition and the education we are committed to for all our students and families.

These experiences are not only inspirational but also transformational in that as a collective the entire Australian Edmund Rice family recommits itself to the type of education we want for all our students regardless of their race, culture, religion, socio-economic status, intelligence, sporting ability etc. In other words, all families who want to embrace this type of ethos and charism are not only welcome but also valued and included. We are indeed blessed to be a part of this national family, and in fact, a worldwide family whose aim is to educate students in such a way that they know their responsibility is to assist in making the world a better place for all.

Harmony Day

Given we are part of an international family it is most appropriate that we acknowledge and celebrate Harmony Day together. At St Paul’s our sincere hope is that we live in harmony with all our students and families. We believe that our diversity should not only be welcomed but very much included in all we do. This week, with Ramadan beginning for our Muslim families, we hope that they all feel included, valued, and appreciated for who they are and what their faith brings to our community. We hope that through the celebrations and spiritual liturgies we hold not only help all our students appreciate our Catholic faith but also reinforce their commitment to their own faith and spiritual journey.

Our God is a God of love, of inclusion, of oneness, of truth and is not only good but beautiful too. These are universal values and beliefs that belong to all the great religions of the world. They are the very deepest things we share, and we have every right to hold each other accountable for those beliefs.

We are who we are at St Paul’s because of that, and it is what we genuinely hope we are a shining light in our broader society.

As our Christian celebration of Easter approaches, we will hold several different liturgical celebrations from Palm Sunday to the Stations of the Cross and to the resurrection of Jesus following Easter. These will not only enhance the knowledge of our faith community but will also celebrate how fortunate we all are to be a part of such an inclusive family of cultures and faith backgrounds. It is a blessing to be a part of this great community.

God Bless

Paul Belton

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SACE Art Show

23 February 2024

It is with great excitement that we announce and congratulate 2023 Stage 2 Visual Art-Art student Ali Najafi on his work being displayed in the 2024 SACE Art Show. Ali was one of 129 Year 12 students in the state to have their work selected for the exhibition. His artwork entitled ‘Flying Free’ depicts the life cycle of an eagle sketched in graphite on paper.  Ali is a talented and skilled artist and his attention to detail is remarkable. 

The exhibition will be open to the public at Light Square Gallery - Adelaide College of Arts 39 Light Square Adelaide. 19 March to 12 April Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm Saturdays 10am - 3pm.

Congratulations to Ali on this enormous achievement!

Sarah Fedele - Leader of Learning the Arts

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From the Principal

22 February 2024

Dear Families and Friends of St Paul’s,

We are currently in the Catholic Church’s season of Lent. This began last Wednesday when we celebrated Ash Wednesday. The Primary Years were wonderfully led by the Year 4 students in Callan Hall and the Middle and Senior Years students all attended a moving liturgy in our main courtyard. The liturgies reminded us all of the importance of this season in both turning away from the things we do that do not help anyone and turn towards a more positive, helpful and better version of ourselves. In one way it allows us to try to be perfect! When our friends ask why we are doing something positively unusual we can say it because it is lent! Everyone will accept that!

In preparation for Ash Wednesday the College Executive cooked pancakes for breakfast for all the primary students on Shrove Tuesday. This was great fun, and we are sure very much appreciated by all the students. The idea was that of the Primary Religious Identity Leader Ms Miranda McGlaughlin.

College Tour

Our first College Tours for 2024 took place last Thursday (for potential 2026 Yr 7 students) and on Friday (for potential 2026 Reception students.) Both occasions were extremely well attended and for the first time we had the opportunity to hold the Primary Tour in the new primary building. That was more than enough to have parents sign up without delay! It is so pleasing to see so many parents keen to enroll their sons and daughters with us and become a part of this special community.

Teaching and Learning

This week has seen several significant teaching and learning experiences take place right across the College. One of these is the PAT M and PAT R testing regime. These tests, while not the be all and end all of assessment, provide us with an excellent base line to which we can compare improvement in literacy and numeracy across several years. Tracking student improvement is our core business, essential to us knowing that our programs and curricula delivery are the best they can be. Our aim, as always, is to enable every student to reach their full potential and move on to whatever postschool pathway they desire. Baseline testing like these and others like NAPLAN assists greatly with this.

Students have also been on Year 8 geography excursions and the Year 12 Outdoor Education class has been on a surfing camp. Our summer season co-curricula program is also in full swing with hundreds of students and families enjoying the competitiveness of several sports. These activities provide our staff and students with the opportunity to further develop positive relationships outside normal classroom situations.

The 2024 year has begun extremely well, and we look forward to building on these experiences throughout the year.

Take care, God Bless

Paul Belton

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From the Principal

08 February 2024

Dear Families and friends of St Paul’s,

On behalf of the entire, and growing, St Paul’s staff can I extend our most sincere welcome to the 2024 academic year. We have had a tremendous start to the year, and we hope everyone, particularly the new students and their families, have settled in well. From what we see and what we have heard this is certainly the case.

Our numbers: staff, students, and buildings (!!) have increased but the most pleasant part and our most sacred part is that the sense of community and the sense of family that permeates throughout the College hasn’t diminished in any way at all. It only gets better! The Primary Family picnic at the end of week one is a classic example of this. Thanks to our Head of Primary, Mrs Marianne Loftus and all the Primary staff for their work preparing for that great welcome.

While speaking of the Primary, Day One of the year will go down in our history as one of our proudest moments with the opening of the new primary building. This wonderful facility will be the home of our whole primary school for decades to come and it is an amazing centre of learning. As is discussed more fully in Marianne Loftus’ article (Head of Primary) the families, staff and students are so grateful for the opportunity of being the first ones to have access to it. We look forward to sharing this with you all and to an official opening later in the term or year.

New Staff: With our continued growth we have had the opportunity to welcome another 30 new staff! A full list is provided in this newsletter and as you will see they represent all areas of the College and indicate our commitment to supporting our students through the significant increases in areas including Inclusive Ed., Counselling Services, Co-curricular, ICT Services, Grounds, and Maintenance in addition to the additional teachers. We are blessed by the exceptional quality and amazing skill sets that the new staff have, and we look forward to helping them enjoy their professional and personal journeys with us.

Walking Our Common Ground: Each year we adopt a theme that provides additional focus on areas of significance and allows us to share with our students and families the strategic aims of the College. Over the last few years, each classroom has had a copy of “Our Common Ground” prominently displayed. The purpose of this document, in one way, sets out to replace a plethora of rules and regulations with a basic set of values that both staff and students undertake to commit to each other. As an example, we all hold each other accountable for showing and living “respect” for every member of the community. We will explain this in more detail at all our parent and family information sessions, inviting families to come on this journey with us.

Walking Our Common Ground is extended to our entire community and will enable all of us to not only talk the talk but to walk the walk more significantly. In addition to this, we know and constantly acknowledge that our beautiful College is built on the sacred lands of the Kaurna people, and we are so grateful for their great commitment to the land over many centuries. The development and implementation of our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) this year will provide additional focus on this area also.

Significant Events: Already this year we have held several significant events. Appropriately the most significant has been our Opening Year Mass, celebrated by Fr Joshua Nash and which was attended by all students R-12 and all staff. It was a beautiful celebration of our faith and for our community.

This week we had the first of our Rites of Passage Ceremonies for the year with the Rite of Welcome for the Reception students and families. During this we not only offer our blessing for the beginning of a thirteen-year journey with us, but we also present a special plant (this year a Blueberry plant) to signify the growth that we will share with these very special children and their families.

2023 Yr. 12 Results: Our Year 12 results at the end of last year were particularly pleasing and a very just reward and reflection of all the dedicated and committed efforts of both the staff and the students. There is another detailed report within this newsletter outlining the results, but I would certainly like to congratulate the student and their families on those successes. It is also most important that I congratulate and thank our staff – right across the College from Primary to Senior Secondary for their outstanding efforts. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Matthew Muscat (Head of Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School,) the Secondary Learning Council, all the Leaders of Learning and all subject teachers for their tireless efforts in ensuring all the students reach their full potential. 100% SACE completion for the fifth consecutive year is one of many measures of this wonderful success story.

We hope that all students, families, and staff have a wonderful 2024. St Paul’s is a very special place. It is a wonderful community a wonderfully diverse and accepting community. A community that will work together as one big family allowing us to Walk Our Common Ground for the good of all.

God Bless

Paul Belton

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2023 Year 12 Results

18 December 2023

The conclusion of the 2023 school year comes with great celebration for our Year 12 students. It is with great pride that I detail the excellent SACE, ATAR, and apprenticeship achievements of the Year 12 graduates for 2023. For the fifth consecutive year, 100% of eligible students achieved their SACE. Our students have demonstrated the skills and capabilities to flourish and contribute productively to the world beyond school and will continue to hold a special place in our community as Old Scholars of our College.

The Year 12 students of 2023 have performed at an excellent level. Congratulations to the DUX OF THE COLLEGE for 2023:

Harsimrat Singh, 99.25 (pictured above)

A+ Merits in Accounting (Year 11, 2022) and Chemistry and A+ grades in Mathematical Methods and Integrated Learning: Religion and an A in English Literary Studies.

Congratulations to the PROXIME ACCESSIT for 2023:

Shrey Patel, 98.75

A+ Merits in Research Project (Year 11, 2022) and Mathematical Methods, and A+ grades in Specialist Mathematics and Integrated Learning: Religion, an A in Physics, and an A- in English Literary Studies.

Many students will be receiving their first university and/or TAFE preferences due to a strong level of achievement in the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) or through other tertiary entry processes. 65% of the 2023 grades were in the A and B bands, with 16% of students achieving an ATAR of 80 or higher:

Congratulations to the following students who achieved an ATAR greater than 90:



Harsimrat Singh


Shrey Patel


Danny Hoang


Congratulations to the following students who achieved an ATAR greater than 80:



Liam Neville


Nicholas Edgecombe


Brody Meijer


Bryce Yates


Alexander Sauchelli


Joel Machado


Franco Crescitelli


Ali Hassan Ali


Christopher Sauchelli



Merit Certificates are only awarded to students who finish in the top 1% or 2% in the state. We congratulate the following students who have received merits:


Merit Certificate

Stage 2 Subject

Harsimrat Singh


Shrey Patel

Mathematical Methods

William McCulloch (Year 11)

Research Project

Harsimrat Singh*


Shrey Patel*

Research Project

*Achieved in 2022 during their Year 11 studies

The following students achieved A+ grades for one or more subjects studied this year, 12 A+ grades in total (including 6 of these grades achieved by Year 11 students):

A+ Grade

Stage 2 Subject

Harsimrat Singh


Integrated Learning: Religion

Mathematical Methods

Shrey Patel

Mathematical Methods

Integrated Learning: Religion

Specialist Mathematics

William McCulloch (Year 11)

Research Project

Specialist Mathematics

Mathematical Methods

Kanish Aneja (Year 11)

Research Project

Ali Hassan Ali (Year 11)

Research Project

Martin Trieu (Year 11)

Research Project

Equally as important, we celebrate and congratulate the following 9 students (including 2 Year 11s), who have successfully gained apprenticeships this year, noting that this is a growing list to be added to:



Zach Fielding


Jon Higson


Callum Houlahan


Jacob Jenkins


Deyar Kshman


Francesco Mignone


Joel Thomas


Liam Kinloch (Year 11)

Diesel Mechanic (School-based)

Blake Langeluddecke (Year 11)

Reece (School-based Traineeship)

The following student achieved A grades in all 6 subjects studied:

  • Harsimrat Singh
  • Shrey Patel

The following student achieved A+ grades in all 3 Stage 2 subjects studied this year, as a Year 11 student:

  • William McCulloch

We acknowledge the collective work that has been undertaken by students, families, and our entire staff throughout their academic, spiritual and personal journey during their time at St Paul’s College  We wish them every success for the future. 

Paul Belton


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