Bus Service

School Bus Service

With bus routes traversing a wide area, we aim to provide a reliable and safe service that your child can access with ease.

The cost of the bus is $2.40 per trip. Multi-trip passes (10 trips) cost $20. A term pass is $180. Tickets can be purchased at Student Reception or via Qkr.

Please refer to the below pdf for routes and timetable information. 

  • Tickets can be purchased using the QKR App (an email is sent to the school, the students collect the tickets from Student Services)
  • Purchase over the telephone with card
  • Pay for them at the Student Services counter with cash or card
  • Term Pass is $180.00
  • Multi trip tickets (10 trips) are $20.00 (the bus driver will click the pass in the morning and afternoon)
  • Single trip tickets are $2.40
  • Please refer to the bus route map
  • Students may catch the bus at any Adelaide Metro bus stop as long as it is along a bus route
  • Students hail the bus at a bus stop in the morning and in the afternoon they can let the bus driver know where they want to get off
  • The route goes in reverse in the afternoon i.e. if it drops off on Blacks Road in the morning, it leaves from Blacks Road in the afternoon

Students need to be in Year 5 upward or accompanied by an older sibling to catch the school bus.