Middle Years

Engaging Approach to Learning

In the Middle Years (Years 7 - 9) students study an engaging integrated, project-based curriculum defined by three broad learning areas:

1.  STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics)
2.  LEAF (Literacy, Language, Literature; Economics, Enterprise and Environment; Advocacy and Action; Faith and Formation)
3.  Specialist subjects (Please refer to the Curriculum Handbook below).

In the Middle Years, education is tailored to meet the unique developmental and learning needs of young adolescents. Our school's curriculum is designed with an engaging and innovative approach, which includes LEAF, STEM, and a range of specialist subjects. This enables students to have an interdisciplinary and project-based inquiry learning experience. We strive to create a stimulating, encouraging, and challenging environment, which allows students to explore areas of personal interest, as well as consider the unfamiliar. We aim to foster a curious mindset, where students wander the path of the unknown and view things from a variety of perspectives. We believe that this approach not only prepares students for their future academic pursuits but also helps them develop essential life skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life.