Our Pastoral Care programme is provided at each year level and is focused on meeting the evolving needs of young people. Through Restorative Practices, a commitment to Personal Responsibility and in line with the College’s ‘Our Common Ground’, we follow a coordinated approach toward daily interactions between students, staff and families. We understand that building quality relationships is crucial and creates opportunities for students to develop self-worth, confidence, resilience and responsibility.

All students are assigned to a House, where they develop a sense of belonging, and learn to celebrate healthy competition in the academic, co-curricular and cultural dimensions of school life. Each student is supported by their Home Group Teacher, as well as a staff team including a Leader of House (secondary), Leader of Pastoral Care (Primary), counsellors and careers advisor. This well structured environment allows students to deepen their sense of identity and connections with staff and peers. Tracking academic and social progress is another key function of these meaningful pastoral structures. At St Paul’s we also encourage every student to develop skills as leaders. Formal, celebrated leadership roles are attainable throughout the Primary and Middle Years, in addition to Prefect and House leadership roles offered in the Senior Years.

Wellbeing Handbook


Marlow House

Marlow House is named for Wilf Marlow, an educator of renown, a great worker for children with special needs and tireless supporter of the College.


Dally House

Dally was named for Br Tony Dally who helped establish St Paul's College in partnership with Father James Gleeson, the Director of Catholic Education and local parish priests. Br Dally was also St Paul's College's first principal.


O'Loughlin House

O'Loughlin is named for the family who were neighbours to St Paul's College when it opened in 1959. As parents whose children attended the college, they gave many years of service to St Paul's and the Christian Brothers and were great benefactors.


Gleeson House

Gleeson is named for Father James Gleeson, who joined Br Dally, the Director of Catholic Education and local parish priests in establishing St Paul's College.

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Nagle House

In 2022, St Paul’s College welcomed the addition of a fifth house: Nagle House. This is named after Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters and a crucial influence on Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of St Paul’s College, the Presentation Brothers, and the Christian Brothers. Nagle is an important person in the life of our charism and therefore, our College.