Our Pastoral Care program fosters respect and acceptance whilst creating a sense of belonging. 

When students commence at St Paul's College they are placed in one of four Pastoral Care 'houses'. From Year 8, students are placed in a House Class with students from Year 8 to Year 12. This vertical system encourages older students to guide and support younger students as if they were 'big brothers' and assist students to foster friendships and develop valuable interpersonal skills.

The strong relationships and the connections made by students helps develop a sense of family and community. House groups also foster strong team spirits, which come alive on sports days.

By demonstrating the values of Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity, students can earn points for their House in a friendly competition. Earning house points provides an opportunity for students to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements in all areas of college life, while developing positive self-worth within a caring community. 

Each house is named after someone with an historic connection to the St Paul's community:



Marlow House is named for Wilf Marlow, an educator of renown, great worker for children with special needs and tireless supporter of the College.

Dally was named for Br Tony Dally who helped establish St Paul's College in partnership with Father James Gleeson, the Director of Catholic Education and local parish priests. Br Dally was also St Paul's College's first principal.
O'Loughlin is named for the family who were neighbours to St Paul's College when it opened in 1959. As parents whose children attended the college, they gave many years of service to St Paul's and the Christian Brothers and were great benefactors.
Gleeson is named for Father James Gleeson, who joined Br Dally, the Director of Catholic Education and local parish priests in establishing St Paul's College. 




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