St Paul's College congratulates all Year 12 students who completed their SACE in 2018. We wish them every success in their journey beyond school.

        Jackson Livori College Dux 2018
        Achieved an ATAR of 99

        Accounting (2ACG20)  A 
        Economics (2EMS20)  A 
        Mathematical Methods (2MHS20)  A 
        Integrated Learning A (2ILA10)  A+ 
                                      Legal Studies (2LEG20)  A+ (Merit)

           Connor O'Neil proxime accessit
           Achieved an ATAR of 94.8
           Modern History (2MOD20)  A
           Business and Enterprise (2BUE20)  A
           Integrated Learning A (2ILA10)  A
           Legal Studies (2LEG20)  A- 

           Zak Tallura
           Achieved an ATAR of 94.35

           Business and Enterprise (2BUE20)  A
           Mathematical Methods (2MHS20)  A-
           Physics (2PYI20)  A-
           Integrated Learning A (2ILA10)  A-

           Nicholas Yannacos
           Achieved an ATAR of 92

           Business and Enterprise (2BUE20)  A-
           General Mathematics (2MGM20)  A
           Integrated Learning A (2ILA10)  A+
           Accounting (2ACG20)  A-

St Paul's College is a Catholic school for boys in the Edmund Rice tradition.

While our heritage is Catholic, we teach the universal values of respect, dignity, equality, compassion, truth, love and mercy.

As specialists in the education for boys, we support boys to learn, grow and mature at their own pace and offer both academic and vocational pathways, as well as a specialist trade training centre.

In the tradition of Edmund Rice, we respect all cultures and faith traditions by providing high-quality education that is both inclusive and affordable.

We welcome all boys and encourage them to be their best through our values of Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity.


"The foundations of my life as a soldier and citizen were laid during my education at Saint Pauls College. Etched on the cornerstone of these foundations were the words 'fight the good fight'. This motto became my guide, and I was inspired by the example of knowledge, strength and compassion portrayed by the teachers, students and families that were part of my College experience."

Major General Stuart Lyle Smith AO, DSC, 1980 Graduate.


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