The foundations of my life as a soldier and citizen were laid during my education at Saint Pauls College. Etched on the cornerstone of these foundations were the words 'fight the good fight'. This motto became my guide, and I was inspired by the example of knowledge, strength and compassion portrayed by the teachers, students and families that were part of my College experience.

Major General Stuart Lyle Smith (Rtd) AO, DSC, Class of 1980

The values that guide my life have their genesis in my years at St Paul's. The motto, 'Fight the Good Fight', which was established by the founding Brothers, has become part of my personal DNA. I was taught how these words have relevance to every aspect of being a good person. I applied them to the challenges of my school years and they continue to influence my life and the lives of others around me.

Brendan Killen, Class of 1964

St Paul's helped me develop a sense of social responsibility and emphasised the importance of making a positive contribution to the community.

Dr Rob Hallak,  Class of 1995 

St Paul's teachers' genuine interest in their subjects and students provided me with the capacity to achieve a competitive tertiary admission rank and allowed me to pursue study in the field of Mechatronics Engineering at Adelaide University.

Davyd Evans, College Dux, Class of 2015

The willingness to go to extra lengths to offer me great learning experiences and create an environment that was conducive to learning that was shown by my subject teachers, encouraged me to reach my goal of going to university to study towards becoming a teacher.

Ben Freeman, College Captain, Class of 2015

St Paul's College was the making of me. I formed life-long friendships with students and staff. A great school.

Stuart Mathewman, Class of 1991

St Paul's provided me with many wonderful experiences that I carry and reflect on every day. It offered broad based learning environment, developing knowledge and skills that have proved invaluable throughout my career and life. I look upon the time I spent at St. Paul's College with a great deal of fondness.

Dino Rossi, Class of 1983 


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