A St Paul's College student is expected to demonstrate behaviour that is consistent with our values. 


St Paul's College student should demonstrate respect for our Catholic ethos, the broader Catholic faith and the beliefs of those from different faith backgrounds, in the knowledge we are all made in the image of God. He is expected to be open to the presence of God and establishing a relationship with Him while actively and respectfully participating in the Catholic celebrations and traditions of the college, (including retreats, mass, liturgy and prayer). He is expected to live out Gospel values by promoting a more just society while understanding that faith is a personal journey.


A St Paul's College student should build positive relationships founded on honesty, respect, compassion and empathy. He is expected to show respect, compassion, courtesy and fairness for all members of the school community, behave in a manner that is not violent or aggressive towards any member of our community and ensure that his words and actions cause no harm. Through his communication and personal interaction, he is expected to demonstrate his appreciation and understanding of the rights of teachers, individuals and groups to teach, learn and socialise in a safe and trusting environment.


St Paul's College students are expected to embrace all learning opportunities and strive for continual improvement, while taking responsibility for their own success and failure. They are expected to commit to representing St Paul's College in co-curricular activities with pride, integrity and always perform to the best of his ability. They should aspire to be role models and wear the College uniform with pride at all time. 


St Paul's College students are expected to demonstrate behaviour that fosters respect and empathy for all backgrounds and social circumstances within our community while acknowledging and embracing the human dignity of all. They should respect all cultural and faith backgrounds as well as the individual learning abilities of all students. 

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