Principal's welcome

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I welcome you to the St Paul's College website. Through this medium, we hope you will gain significant insight into who we are, our values, our ethos and what we strive to provide for our families as a Catholic school for boys in the Edmund Rice tradition.

From a personal point of view, I have been involved in boys' education for over thirty-five years. What an all boys' environment like St Paul's does so well is to work closely with students and families, in a three-way partnership, that enables wonderful young boys to grow into fine men, men of strong character, able and willing to make a positive contribution to our world.

Character is more than the sum of our achievements or successes, it is the foundation that determines what we value and guides how we act, react and respond to the challenges we face in life. It also determines if and how people will contribute to building the community of which they are part.

At St Paul's College, we are committed to four core values: Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity. Affectionately known as FRED, these are the values on which we have built our community of students and families. Our values are underpinned by respect and humility and the belief that we must be of genuine service to others. This belief was voiced by Pope Francis when he said, 'The world tells us to seek success, power and money. God tells us to seek humility, service and love'.

During the course of any year at St Paul's we acknowledge the many awards and successes that our students achieve. At assemblies, where these are acknowledged we see the positive influences of the natural boys' competitiveness and support the staff and students provide each other.

St Paul's College's common goal is to offer positive opportunities for growth through education. By opening hearts and minds through our pastoral care, academic and co-curricular activities we lift and liberate boys and together with families produce young men, committed to justice and solidarity as well as the pursuit of personal excellence.

We welcome all boys and encourage them to achieve personal excellence through the values of Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity.

It is with much pleasure that I invite you to consider St Paul's College for your son's education.

Paul Belton, Principal

St Paul's College
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