In the primary years, we build a solid foundation for learning from a broad and balanced curriculum based on developing strong reading, writing and numeracy skills.

All learning is informed and planned by using the Australian Curriculum. Primary students learn in their home classroom as well as a dedicated resource centre, digital technologies, science, art, music and technology areas. Core learning areas such as Religious Education, English, Maths and Science are taught by their class teacher.

We develop educational programs incorporating robust, hands-on and purposeful learning tasks that integrate digital technology and engage boys in an active and exciting curriculum. We recognise each boy's individuality and offer a variety of approaches to suit unique learning styles. These include opportunities to manipulate materials as well as activities that use a multi-sensory approach. Individual Education Plans are also be developed for boys who may face challenges with their learning and wellbeing.

Our class teachers know the stories of each boy in their class. At the beginning of each year, we set aside academics to focus on social and emotional learning and wellbeing. This is a great investment of time and energy because it helps all the boys, especially new class members, to feel settled, welcomed and included into the St Paul's College community.

As part of their Pastoral Care program, boys will develop skills in self-awareness and self-management, resilience, socialising and social awareness, healthy bodies, relationship forming, group dynamics, decision making, and cooperation.

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