Problem Solvers in Action

Our Year 8 Robotics class have been busy learning to design, build and program robots to solve a variety of problems. Last week, they used their skills to solve a real-world problem. "How can we dispense Hand Sanitiser without touching the bottle?".

The boys quickly used the engineering process to define the problem and broke into teams to create a strong support structure, research how to use an ultrasonic sensor and an arm to engage the sanitizer pump.

It was a true team effort and we were so excited when all the components came together and we could test our first prototype. The sensor worked perfectly, but the motors weren't strong enough to depress the pump. So we went back to the drawing board!

We strengthened the frame and repositioned the motors. We also shortened the arms used to depress the pump so we could gain more torque from the motors. It worked!

Sam and Logan took our device to Student Services and held a training session for the staff there.  It what installed and in operation during our final week of term!

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