St Paul's College is committed to creating an environment and community where bullying and harassment is not tolerated.

All members of St Paul's Community are responsible for creating a safe environment free from bullying and harassment. Our students are taught the values and practice of respecting the dignity and well-being of all. Each person has a right to feel safe and comfortable and each person has the responsibility to show respect for themselves and for others. 

St Paul's College's bullying and harassment policy clearly defines how this issue will be treated and states that all incidents of bullying and harassment will be acted on and formally documented and that parents and guardians will be notified and involved. Where bullying and harassment occurs in circumstances, in which the school is not directly responsible for the care of the student/s involved, St Paul's College reserves the right to respond in accordance with its bullying and harassment policy if it judges it appropriate in the interests and the well-being of the student/s and the college environment.

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