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Written on the 2 February 2017 by Mrs Emily Sayer

Welcome back to all students and families to the new school year. I loved seeing the primary boys coming back with big smiles and seeing their friends again and catching up on holiday news. As is tradition, we started the year with some warm weather but this did not stop us from our learning and fun.

The Learning Pit
I would like to share with all primary families a focus that we are introducing into all the primary classrooms. Over the next few weeks I hope your son will come home and talk to you about something called 'The Learning Pit'. Significant research has been conducted in the last decade, and longer, about the importance of developing the life skills, or resilience and perseverance, and approaching life with a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. James Nottingham, a British educationalist and academic writes, "Although there are always common themes in learning, we know that not all students are the same, and we understand that some students approach learning with a passion that others do not".

Regardless of whether students are easily engaged or not, learning is not always easy if it is done correctly. John Hattie, Visible Learning expert, writes that learning should be a challenge at times. He says that learning is hard work. Yes, it's supposed to be fun and inspiring, but challenge is important as well. The analogy of getting into the pit of learning is used to help explain this thinking. You need to move from your comfort zone, face some challenges, become stronger more confident in how to tackle these challenges and then you start moving out of the pit. On the way, you may also help others whilst they are in the learning pit too. If you would like to learn more about this, I have included a YouTube link for a video by James Nottingham. Stay tuned for lots of great conversations and visuals around the primary space. 

Meet the Teacher Evening Tuesday 7 February
I would like to invite all parents and carers to the Primary Meet the Teacher Evening on Tuesday 7 February commencing at 7pm in Callan Hall and then moving to your son's classroom. The goal of this evening is to share information and expectations for students in the primary space this year and to visit his classroom to meet his home room teacher and hear the exciting learning plans that the teachers have been busily working on. We look forward to seeing you then.

God's blessings and peace in the coming week.

Mrs Emily SayerAuthor: Mrs Emily Sayer
About: Mrs Sayer is the Head of Primary. She teaches Year 3 and Year 4 Religious Education. Her co-curricular areas focus on Auskick and soccer for the early years students and working with middle school students on Voice of Youth, public speaking forum.

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