An all boys' school creates an optimum physical learning environment.

At St Paul's we understand that boys need to learn, grow and mature at their own pace. We know that boys have varied learning styles and appreciate flexibility in the teaching pedagogies that we provide.

Throughout various stages of their lives and in particular during adolescence, boys can become interested in a significant variety of activities from sport, to part-time work, to study, to music, to the internet, to socialising with friends. Maintaining a committed approach to schooling while enjoying a wide range of interests is a challenge for all, but one that at St Paul's we address specifically through spiritual, pastoral and academic programs that cater specifically for boys and their needs.

As an all boys' school, St Paul's College employs particular teaching techniques that have been designed to suit the specific needs of the boys.

Our teachers provide more varied opportunities such as:

  • Allowing boys to spend time thinking and communicating prior to commencing written tasks.
  • Allowing boys to discuss their feelings and using these to motivate them to succeed.
  • Providing more opportunities to show and develop responsibility for their actions.
  • Providing opportunities to work in groups with different students and in different situations.
  • Providing more interactive class activities using audio-visual instruction.
  • Providing more physical movement.
  • Providing more specific challenges that do not embarrass or demean individuals.
  • Differentiating each and every task to allow for individual success and progression.

St Paul's extensive co-curricular program allows all boys to become involved in activities outside of the classroom. The program caters for all interests and levels and allows boys to undertake many different sporting endeavours or activities such as debating and public speaking, music performance, singing and drama. In addition to providing important opportunities to be active, which in turn benefits boys' physical and mental health, the program also helps to build positive relationships between staff, students and families.

Leadership development is a crucial part of a boy's education. Through our Pastoral Care program, we aim to provide all boys with multiple opportunities to maximise their gifts and talents in the service of others. Having Jesus as our model we aspire to develop a cohort of servant leaders who understand fully what the Edmund Rice Education Australia's Touchstone of 'Liberating Education' really means namely, to open hearts and minds through quality teaching and learning experiences, so that through critical reflection and engagement each person is hope-filled and free to build a better world for all.

Personal responsibility is another essential part of a boy's education. At St Paul's we place a high emphasis on feeling safe and secure while building the essential characteristics of resilience and persistence.

We provide a safe learning environment that allows each boy to feel comfortable in pursuing a variety of interests. Through these opportunities, young men are able to foster strong relationships with both staff and their peers. These friendships can become lifelong and life-giving.

St Paul's core values of Faith, Relationships, Excellence and Diversity serve to create a clear direction and a sense of understanding of our life's purpose and meaning.

It is hoped that through the educational journey at St Paul's our boys will grow into our men, serving others in whatever path in life they choose.

Paul Belton, Principal.

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