My fondest memories of St Paul's include the many moments I spent with my friends.

I recall plenty of enjoyable times in class and in the school yard where sharing a laugh with my mates gave me an overwhelming sense of happiness and belonging. I value these occasions greatly.

I was a member of the volleyball team where I experienced an ever-increasing sense of solidarity, made new friends and refined my teamwork and communication skills. While sport was an outlet for stress and energy, being part of a team helped foster my self-confidence and ultimately established a sense of pride in myself, my team and in my school.

My teachers expressed genuine interest in their teaching subjects and students. They were mentors and role models who promoted ingenuity and enjoyment in learning and readily offered positive guidance. Their enthusiasm and teaching ability helped me understand essential concepts and provided me with the capacity to achieve a competitive tertiary admission rank.  

St Paul's College helped me become a good man. The school's expectations and standards fostered personal accountability and prepared me for the responsibilities and duties of adult life. Local and global social issues were frequently examined and discussed and explored the necessity for change. This reinforced the importance of selflessness and taught me that through my actions, I can assist in making the world a better place. The identification and discussion of violations against morality and decency within the wider community has informed me of the significance of upholding human dignity and integrity.

St Paul's provided me with the insight to evaluate my attitude and actions and equipped me with the tools required to have a positive impact on society.

Having achieved an ATAR of 99.5, I am now pursing my field of choice by studying Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide. Through its positive learning environment and support that provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to enter this course, St Paul's College helped me achieve my goals.  

Davyd Evans, 2015 College Dux 


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