Supporting documents

St Paul's College is required by the Australian Government to sight some original documentation and make copies for our records. 

Please bring the following original documents into St Paul's College at the time of lodging your application for enrolment, so they may be sighted and copied: 

  • your son's birth certificate 
  • your son's latest school report (if applicable)
  • your son's latest NAPLAN results (if applicable)
  • a letter of support from your Parish Priest or Minister of Religion (if applicable).

If you, or your son, was not born in Australia, St Paul's College is required to see the following original documents, in addition:

  • Visa
  • citizenship papers
  • immigration card (IMMI Card)
  • passport.

Please note:

  1. St Paul's College is unable to offer you an enrolment interview until all requested documents have been provided.
  2. If you have any Family Court Orders, Intervention Orders or Parenting Plans in place, you must provide St Paul's College with a copy of these for its records. 

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