Discounts and remissions 

St Paul's College offers sibling discounts to any family who has more than one child at either St Paul's or Kildare colleges. The basis of the discount is that the eldest child pays full fees and the discount applies to younger siblings as follows:

  • 2 children = 10% sibling discount
  • 3 children = 20% sibling discount
  • 4 or more children = 40% sibling discount                

In addition, St Paul's College offers a discount where siblings attend another Catholic school, as follows:

  • 1 child = 2% Catholic school discount
  • 2 children = 4% Catholic school discount
  • 3 children = 6% Catholic school discount
  • 4 or more = 8% Catholic school discount

To apply for a discount, please complete this form.  

Early payment discount

Families who pay the annual tuition fee in full by 28 February will receive a 3% discount.

School Cards

Any family successful in their application to the South Australian Government for School Card assistance will receive a remission as follows:

  • Reception to Year 7 students receive a $2125 remission on the tuition fee.
  • Year 8 to 12 students receive a $3000 remission on the tuition fee.

Remissions are deducted from the account once confirmation of eligibility is received. School Card discounts must be applied for each year and are subject to the student being enrolled and attending the College as at Census date, being the first Friday in August. 

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