Co-curricular activities help students build character, confidence, self-esteem and valuable relationships.


St Paul's College offers Chess to Primary and Secondary students. 

College Musical

Annual musical theatre productions give students the opportunity to showcase their music and drama skills and the experience of performing live theatre. The musical experience is shared with students from Kildare College.


Debating builds a better understanding of reasoning and logic and provides the opportunity to consider meaningful issues in a mature manner while building confidence and self-esteem. St Paul's College is part of the Debating SA League where debates are based on challenging, thought-provoking topics, which encourage students to consider the current state of their world and adjudicated by experienced university students who offer detailed feedback. The debating season culminates in an exciting final round where the two finalists from the league host a championship debate in Old Parliament House.


St Paul's College students study music from Reception to Year 8 as part of the curriculum and have the option to continue their musical studies until Year 12. Students can participate in the following ensembles: Primary Choir, Junior Wind Ensemble, Stage Band, Musical Production Band, Liturgical Ensemble, Guitar Band and Percussion Ensemble. Students can also study individual music lessons and learn how to play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Pedal Prix

St Paul's College regularly participates in the Australian International Pedal Prix, which promotes fitness and health where students are involved in construction, event planning, team building, competition and camping at the 24 hour event.


St Paul's College offers a wide range of sports including: athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, Gaelic football, soccer, squash, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

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